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Drop in for Masters Swim and Get a Workout with Coach Susannah

Rock Creek members can now drop on a one-day basis for a coached workout with FINS Swim Assistant Coach Susannah Baird. Daily rates are $10 (bring money with you — no I.O.U.’s, please!) for the rest of the summer. Remaining dates are 7/28, 7/30, 8/4, 8/6, 8/11, 8/13, 8/18, 8/20. All from 6:30-7:45AM. Questions? Email Susannah.

Ode to Mexican Night

A note was anonymously posted at Rock Creek Pool. It is something that inspires us all.



Wifi at Rock Creek

Have you logged into the ROCKCREEKPOOL wifi network yet? We’re testing it out, so give it a whirl. We’ve left it open as we experiment, but will be adding a password that will be posted on the windows at the office. Soon we’ll be asking your feedback on your experience with it, but for now, connect through your favorite device. The closer you are to the office, the better your signal strength.

Remember we’re still checking out how reliable the system is, so I wouldn’t depend on it for mission-critical work!

Visit the Lost and Found! Items to be donated next week!

IMG_3824Take a moment to visit the Lost and Found this weekend or drop by early next week. On Wednesday morning (July 15th) the Lost and Found will be cleared out by Rock Creek’s volunteer extraordinaire Elizabeth Sadqi.

If you recognize an item in the photos (below) but can’t get to the pool, Elizabeth says she’ll set it aside for you. Just email her at sadqi(at) Check out the pictures after the “jump.” (That means press the “more” button to see the pictures!)

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