Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day at RCP

Memorial Day is a full-day event this year … We have the annual BBQ Cookout, the Swim and Dive meetings and we’re thrilled to have honky-tonk rocker Valentine Slim closing out the day on the Pavilion Stage. Here’s what you need to know:

Logistics …

  1. It’s going to be crowded. Plan ahead with your neighbors and consider carpooling.
  2. Similarly, you may find it tough to find a chair or table as the day gets going. Think about inviting friends (or even new friends) to share your table and, in general, be mindful of space. We all want to enjoy the beautiful day.
  3. As usual, adult swim happens every 45 minutes on the hour. This time is meant for kids to catch a breather and not over-extend themselves. This is not an invitation for older kids to hit the baby pool. (And similarly, diapered youngsters should stick to the baby pool)!

The BBQ Cookout …

  1. The annual BBQ cookout runs generally from 11 AM – 2 PM. Volunteers will set up the food serving area starting around 10 AM. When you hear the announcement, come over to the grill area to receive a coupon for one complimentary lunch.
  2. Your coupon gives you either one hamburger or two hot dogs, and one bag of chips and one drink. There’s a lot of food but it isn’t limitless. Please encourage all members of your family to stick to the rules so we can feed as many folks as possible.
  3. If you have dietary preferences or restrictions, there are veggie burgers and turkey burgers available. Let the volunteers know and they can put one on the grill for you!
  4. The cookout starts to wrap up around 1:30 PM. If you are in the grill area at that time, you may be asked to help clean up, so thank you in advance!

Live music with Valentine Slim …

  1. Valentine Slim performs on the “Pavilion Stage” (the table tennis area near the diving well) from 4 PM – 7 PM. The band plays rockabilly, country and surf gems.
  2. The stage area and the Pavilion is reserved for this event beginning around 3 PM.
  3. For this event, we charge $5 (CASH ONLY) for a “bottomless” cup for beer or wine.

Swim & Dive Meetings …

  1. For those FINS swim and/or dive team families, go to the grill area at 4 PM for the introductory meetings with the team reps and coaches.
  2. The swim team will talk first, from 4 PM – 4:30 PM. Brush up on the swim 101 and FAQ before today’s meeting. The first practice is Tuesday, May 28 at 5 PM., and will include a mandatory swim test for all 8-under swimmers who did not compete in meets last summer.
  3. The dive team will talk from 4:30 PM – 5 PM. Want a sneak peak? Come to the diving well around 3 PM to meet Assistant Coach Emma Gold, learn about the dive team, and have a popsicle!

How does all this happen? …

If you are enjoying the activities at the pool, or your child is a member of the swim and dive teams, take a moment to thank those members who are volunteering their time.

The swim and dive teams enjoy a fun and well-organized season because the team reps are committing their Spring and Summer to making it happen.

And our many social events rely on members helping the Social Committee (itself a rag-tag group of volunteers). Today’s crew works hard to prepare and serve your lunch. Please remember that when you are in line.

Finally, in addition to giving a “thank you,” keep an eye out for future volunteer opportunities. We can sure use your help!

This Week @ Rock Creek: August 3, 2018: Welcome August Families!

CALENDAR. Check out the pool calendar for hours of operation & events.

  • NOTE: Happy Hour to Welcome August Families — Friday, Aug. 3 — 6-8pm


Welcome to our new (and returning) families who have swim privileges starting in August! Hope to see you tonight for the Happy Hour  (6-8pm). It’s an informal poolside get together. We hope you’ll come by.

Please glance through the rules for the pool so you know what to expect. They are long, but there’s a lot of white space between paragraphs so hopefully it’s easy to see. Want to bring a party (more than 10 people!) to the pool? Sounds great, but we need to know in advance. It can at times mean we need another guard at the pool. Please check out the section on parties for more details and how to send in your request.


You may have noticed some shifting of the top section of the front steps leading to the Front Desk. Earlier this week those steps were reinforced and repaired.

SOCIAL CALENDAR — Happy Hours, Trivia, BBQ & Live Music

Here’s a preview of what your Social Committee has planned for the remaining weeks of the season. Make sure you save these dates so you can attend these fun activities!

* AUGUST 3 — Welcome August Families Happy Hour! This event still needs an event captain to make it happen:

AUGUST 14 — Trivia Tuesdays At The Pool

AUGUST 25 — Movie Night (A Wrinkle in Time!)


SEPTEMBER 7 — Music Night with Valentine Slim!

LABOR DAY BBQ — Volunteers needed

It’s our last griller of the season! We need you to give us a hand so please take a look and volunteer for one of the many spots available on the sign-up sheet:


Some high-quality sunglasses were lost at the pool in mid-July. If you happened to find some, the owner would love to have them back. Please get in touch with

This Week @ Rock Creek: July 20, 2018: Swim & Dive close out the season

Fiesta Night was a profound success! Thanks to all the planners, helpers, Uncle Julio’s, our dance instructors and you for such a fun time!

CALENDAR. Check out the pool calendar for hours of operation & events.

  • NOTE: On Sunday evening (weather permitting), swim and dive team banquet will be held, closing with the slide show. If you’ve wondered what the fun is about, come by at dusk at least to watch fun moments this summer and celebrate our swim & dive graduating seniors.


Lifeguards help ensure all members and guests enjoy the pool and grounds safely for themselves and others. We have heard of a small number of incidents of incivility toward other members and lifeguards attempting to inform members of the rules of the road. Please pay attention to lifeguards and any instructions they may provide, and treat the staff and other members with respect at all times. If you have a question or concern, please refer to the rules posted prominently near the Front Desk and the full rules on the website. Feel free to bring your question or concern to the manager on duty, pool president Iain Gold ( or your communications chair (


Our next Friday happy hour will be on Friday, August 3rd, when we will welcome families joining us in August. Hope you can join us!

LOST AND FOUND: Items will be donated Wednesday, July 25!

Please claim lost items in Lost and Found! Remaining items will be donated on July 25th to clear the way for the rest of the season. And thanks to Elizabeth Sadqi for taking this on!






Lost shades? Some high-quality sunglasses were found at early bird swimming! If this sounds like yours, contact to claim them.

This Week @ Rock Creek: July 12, 2018: Fiesta Night! Swim to Fight Cancer! Trivia!

Hey all Rock Creek families! Did you get your Fiesta Night party tickets? Uncle Julio’s guac awaits you on Saturday if you did. If not, bring your own food and come enjoy the scene. Either way, see you there!  Our Social Team is really rocking the Rock Creek calendar this year!


CALENDAR. Check out the pool calendar for hours of operation & events.

  • NOTE: On Friday, the pool opens one hour late (11am) to general swimming. Early morning swimming will operate normally.
  • Calendar Pro Tip: In the calendar, click on the “week” view to see opening and closing times for the pool each day.



We’re so excited for another fun Fiesta Night! Here’s everything you need to know about the day’s activities:

1. Registered Fiesta Night attendees can sign in at the guard desk starting a little after 4:30 p.m. You will be handed your colored wristbands and any adult beverage coupons you ordered. The color of the wristband determines which group you are in for the dinner line.

2. Chips/salsa and drinks will be available around 5 p.m. The bar will have a variety of drink options. You must use coupons to pay for your drinks; no cash payments to the bartenders aside from tips is needed. You can purchase additional coupons at the guard desk. Drink coupons cost $5 for 1 coupon, $20 for six coupons.

3. We will announce the first group of dinner guests around 6 p.m. Please form a single line at the entrance to the grill area and show your wristband to the volunteers manning the gate. If you do not have the correct wristband color, please do not attempt to get in line.

4. Once the first group is sufficiently through the line, we will announce the second group. We will repeat this process through the subsequent groups.

5. Also at 6 p.m. is the Salsa Contest. Our three judges, including last year’s champion Reema Gupta, will sample the entries in a blind-tasting and declare our winner! Contact Laura Abate ( if you’d like to enter the contest.

6. Music will be playing throughout the day, but we encourage folks to hit the dance floor after dinner for some fun salsa dancing!

7. The evening will conclude around 9:45 p.m. so please take a moment to cleanup your space.


We’re hosting round two of the Rock Creek Pool Trivia Night. Come out to the Grill Area around 6 p.m. for a fun evening of competitive questions for the entire family. Questions range from pop culture to geography to World Cup finalists, and everything in between. Participants over the age of 21 may enjoy complimentary beer.
WHAT: Trivia Night
WHEN: 6 p.m.-9 p.m.
WHERE: Grill Area



Friday: Get ready to swim to raise money when theRock Creek Fins Swim to Fight Cancer!  

Every 15 minutes, 50 Americans are diagnosed with cancer. Everyone knows someone affected by cancer and we will dedicate our Friday, July 13th morning to finding a cure. Swim Team, Dive Team and ALL pool members are invited to join us in raising money for Swim Across America and participating in the morning swim. We will have activities everyone can participate in and the event will coincide with our annual team pancake breakfast open to all participants.  Proceeds from our swim will directly support clinical trials and cancer research at  Swim Across America labs.
WHEN: July 13, 2018
7:45 – 11:00 AM
Any pool member age 4+ can swim. We do ask that children who are 12 and under not currently on the swim team (or any child who cannot swim a length of the pool) be accompanied by a parent.
All you need to do is go to our swim page and register!

Just note Friday’s special hours: The pool will open at 11am to general swimming. Early bird swimming is not affected. Please consider participating … a small donation and signing a waiver is all you need!

For registration and more info, see the event page.



For folks using the wading pool (are you enjoying the upgraded digs?), by now you’ve seen the small fountains in operation. If you come by the pool and they’re not on, just ask at the Front Desk and they’ll be happy to turn on the fountains. And did you know each fountain can be turned off or on separately? Pretty cool.


Salsa Contest

UPCOMING SOCIAL EVENTS — Fiesta Night Salsa Contest!

[FIESTA NIGHT Ticket Sales are now CLOSED!]

Do you make the best salsa? Then let us know and enter the 2018 Rock Creek Pool Salsa Contest!

Here’s all you need to do:

1. RSVP to Laura Evans Abate ( so that we have an idea of how many salsa entrants to expect!

2. Bring 2 cups (or more) of your absolutely awesome HOMEMADE salsa to Fiesta Night.

3. Fill out a card providing your name and a list of the ingredients.

The judges will sample your salsa entry at 6 p.m. and announce the winner. After that, all Fiesta Night attendees are welcome to enjoy the salsas.

Best part? The winner will receive a $25 gift card and be immortalized as the 2018 RCP Salsa champion.

So enter today!

4th of July Photos

Photo Gallery: Fourth of July 2018

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who made our traditional Fourth of July a success! Big crowds and a larger pool made this fun. Congratulations to the volleyball tournament champions (pictured below), our double champion (Pie Eating & Belly Flop contests) Conner, and everyone who participated. Happy Fourth!

Click on the photo below to view the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Fourth of July COOKOUT at the Pool! We need help!

Dear Party-goers,

We can’t have the 4th of July party (cookout 12-2, games before and after!) without your help!  Please log into the sign up genius and sign up for a 1 hour slot on Wednesday!

Here is what we need help with:

  • Set up
  • Grill duty
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Watermelon Relay Race
  • Belly Flop Contest
  • JUDGES for the Belly Flop Contest
  • Coin Toss
  • Clean Up

Thanks!  -Kelly B. (RCP Social Committee)

karaoke night

This Saturday, June 16: KARAOKE NIGHT!

It’s your turn to shine! Get ready to wow your pals and shame your children! KARAOKE returns to Rock Creek Pool. This all-ages event is always a popular one, so be sure and reserve your spot on the set list early. We use the site for our song choices so review their catalog to find your hit!
WHAT TIME: Happy Hour at 6 p.m., Karaoke at 7-9 p.m.
WHERE: Pavilion/Ping-Pong area (space reserved at 5 p.m.)
HOW MUCH: $5/bottomless cup!

WE NEED YOU! Sign up with Social 2018

As you know, our pool is run by a completely volunteer board, and all of the fun activities we like to do at the pool require even more volunteers. We are about to kick off another great season at the pool and WE NEED YOU! The social committee has been working to keep our activities fresh and fun, and your ideas and suggestions are also always welcome!

And remember, if you sign up as a volunteer to host a social event, you will win these AMAZING prizes!

  • Reserved table at the event you host–your choice!
  • Reserved parking spot in the upper lot the whole day of the event
  • Recognition and R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • The feeling of making everyone who attends your event HAPPY!

In case you’re not sure what’s involved if you volunteer, here’s what it’s like to host a happy hour at the pool:

  1. You go buy food and drinks
  2. You roll up to your RESERVED parking spot the day of the event
  3. You set your family up at your RESERVED table
  4. You set up the event table(s) with your food and drinks
  5. You make your fellow pool members HAPPY while having fun yourself!
  6. You submit your receipts for a QUICK reimbursement

See, it’s easy!

Sign up — we would love to have all of the host slots filled by May 19th, so sign up early.

Thank you in advance!

trivia team

Trivia Tuesdays

Tuck a thinking cap under your swim cap this summer as Trivia Tuesdays comes to Rock Creek Pool!

This casual evening of questions and answers is a great way to have fun, meet new pool friends and put your knowledge of useless information to the test. Anyone is welcome to play; there will be questions for people of all ages.

Here’s how it works:

  • There are three rounds planned for the season: June 5, July 17 and August 14.
  • Each round will have a team winner based on total amount of points earned. In addition, we’ll keep a tally of participants and we will recognize our top scoring players at the end of the season.
  • To play, simply show up 20 minutes or so before the appointed start time. The games will start promptly so we have time to finish before the pool closes, so do not be late if you can help it.
    • If you arrive after we start, we’ll try our best to fit you into a table.
  • When you arrive, you’ll sign in so we can record your participation. Signing in awards you 5 points toward your individual season score.
  • At the time, we will assign you to a table. We plan to evenly distribute players and also mix people up a bit, so it’s possible that couples could be assigned to competing teams.
    • The idea here is to meet new folks and to have fun but we won’t be Draconian about it.
  • Questions will be general knowledge and cover a gamut of subjects, including science, entertainment, literature, politics, current affairs, sports and pop culture. There will be no math.
  • While these are not events where we’ll provide complimentary food and drink, we encourage you to bring something for you and your teammates to enjoy.

Round One is Tuesday, June 5 at 6:30 p.m.

Good luck and happy quizzing!


trivia team

trivia team

trivia team