Governance Overview

Rock Creek Pool, Inc. (RCP) is a non-profit organization owned by 400 members (referred to as “Members”) and governed by a 15-person Board of Directors. The Board implements the Bylaws and establishes Rules and Regulations for pool use and a Membership Policy. RCP enjoys a strong membership and healthy waiting list. The boundaries for membership are detailed at

The 400 members, as defined in the By-Laws, currently have an $850.00 stake in the corporation with full voting privileges and full use of the facilities. Associate Members shall be limited to persons in the family of and residing with a Member. Associate Members retain full use of the facilities.

2016 Annual Meeting: Vote Results & New Board of Directors

The candidates who have been elected today to two-year terms on the Board of Directors of Rock Creek Pool are (in alphabetical order):
Michael Abate
Roy Ashley
Andrew Baird
Rick Blum
Iain Gold
Allison Kirsch
Marge Martin
Patrick Moffitt
Returning to the Board (with terms expiring in September 2017) are:
Kent Allen
Kelly Briscoe
Tom Gletner
Marek Gootman
Tim Nealis
Jane Ward
Sharon Winick
MODERNIZATION LOAN — In addition, the pool members APPROVED the loan for the modernization effort by a vote of 70-27.
PURPLE LINE SALE — 97 votes have been cast. President Ekstrom held the meeting open for one week to collect additional votes online from the membership on the question of whether to allow the Board to negotiate the best deal for the sale of land for the Purple Line. (Information on how to vote online will be forthcoming.)