Guidelines for Using the Pool

(effective August 30, 2020)

Reserving Time at Rock Creek

  • The number of people at Rock Creek is restricted, per Montgomery County guidelines. Individual exercise times (lap lanes and deep-water exercise) accommodates 12 people per session. General swim times accommodate 70 people.
  • In order to stay within our limit, we are using an online reservation system.
  • Everyone will be required to make a reservation for the day and time they wish to visit the pool.
  • Reserved times will not be adjusted for weather or other unexpected closures. If staff must close the pool unexpectedly for any weather or other reason, members may be asked to leave the pool for the remainder of their reserved time.
  • An adult must accompany children younger than 14 years old.

While at Rock Creek

  • Do not bring to the pool anyone who has had a fever in the 24 hours preceding the reservation time.
  • Families are responsible for enforcing social distancing from non-family members while at the club.
  • All members of your party will abide by the pool rules and posted signs.
  • Face coverings are required when interacting with staff or persons not from your household.
  • Please be respectful and attentive to the lifeguards and managers.
  • Depart the club promptly at the end of your reserved time to allow for clean-up and processing of the next group.

Additional Requirements

  • Non-member guests are prohibited at this time and Daily Guest Passes cannot be used.
  • Caregivers who bring children to the pool must be added and paid for on your account.
  • Lap lanes may only be used by one patron at a time (regardless of whether they are from the same family).
  • During dedicated lap swim periods, only the patron who reserved the lane may use the lane.
  • While in the water or on deck, patrons should adhere to social distancing space requirements (6 feet) or with members of their own household.
  • Pool staff will set tables on the grounds at appropriate distances. Please do not move tables.
  • No chairs will be provided. You are free to bring your own chairs.
  • Sharing of any items like food, toys, or kick boards is discouraged. Pool noodles are prohibited.

Other Important Points

  • The kiddie pool is closed. Unfortunately, children who are not toilet trained are prohibited in the main pool.
  • Basketball courts will be open – use at your own risk.
  • Tennis courts are available for reservation separately. Use at your own risk.
  • Grills and refrigerators are not available. Preparing or storing food or beverages is prohibited at this time.
  • You may bring prepared food for your family but there are no deliveries (pizza or carry-out) at this time.
  • The water fountains are unavailable. Bring a plastic water bottle only.
  • Signs will be posted around the pool as reminders of current restrictions.
  • Showers will be available for use prior to entering the pool but we strongly encourage patrons to shower at home. Do not shower at the pool when you are done.
  • Toilets and the changing areas in the bathrooms will also be available but again encourage patrons to limit public bath spaces to emergency-use only. Social distancing in these spaces is required in accordance with County regulations. Please minimize use of these spaces.