How to host a party at the pool

Rock Creek Pool encourages its members to use the facilities for birthday parties and other special events. The Board and management want members and their guests to feel welcome, and to have a happy and safe time at parties, while respecting the rights of other members to enjoy their regular use of the pool.

The following policies have been adopted in an effort to assist our members in hosting parties at their pool. These party rules apply to any situation where one or more members, singly or together, intend to have a gathering of ten or more at the pool. Because the purpose of these rules is to prevent the gathering of large parties at the pool at times when the pool is typically busy and to assure that the pool is adequately staffed to accommodate scheduled parties, the rules will be interpreted to further those goals. Any members attempting to bring in guests in violation of these rules, as determined by the Board or Management, will be refused entry to the pool.

  1. SCHEDULE YOUR PARTY IN ADVANCE. Complete the Party Request Form below for any group or combination of groups that includes more than ten guests, no later than seven days before the party for approval. The form requests the party name, proposed date and start/end times (refer to allowable times below), the party size (including members), number and ages of children, number of adults, number of non-members, and the preferred location (grill patio or north grassy area). Approved parties will be listed on the website calendar. In resolving conflicts, the rule of “first come, first served” will be applied, so plan ahead!
  2. REMEMBER THAT THE DAYS AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES ARE LIMITED. Parties may be held only during the following time periods: Sunday: 5 pm-8:30 pm; Monday-Thursday: 3 pm-8:30 pm. Parties may not be held during holiday weekends, social events, swim or dive meets.
  3. DECIDE IN ADVANCE HOW MANY GUESTS YOU’LL INVITE. The limit for the number of party guests is 25 people, including chaperones and hosts. As a general rule, we do not allow class parties at the pool.
  4. ONCE YOUR PARTY IS APPROVED, SUBMIT THE GUEST LIST. Not less than a week before the scheduled party, send a complete list of invited non-members to, you will only be charged for those who attend. Guest passes are required for each non-member attendee so be certain to purchase guest passes in advance. The guards will have the attendee list and can check-in non-members without the member needing to be present if enough guest pass credits are in the member account. If the party host is a member of the Board, the first six (6) non-member party guests may be admitted without charge. However, he/she must pay for the admission of each additional non-member party guest.
  5. MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. If the party is for a child under ten, there must be at least one (1) adult chaperone for every five (5) children. The member having the party is responsible for inquiring and determining whether any of the guests are not water safe and any such children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times. To be water safe, a child must be able to swim one length of the pool and be able to tread water for sixty seconds.
  6. PLAN YOUR FOOD. The grills are available for cooking at parties, but only adults may use them. The member is responsible for supplying charcoal. Remember, however, that food can be consumed only in the designated eating areas or outside the fenced pool area. It is the responsibility of the party host to inform all guests of this rule.
  7. CLEAN UP! The party host is responsible for thoroughly cleaning up the area after the conclusion of the party.

Party Request Form

You must be logged into your account to complete the Party Request Form. Date and space availability is not guaranteed until we confirm your request.

Only Rock Creek Pool families with swim privileges this season may host parties.