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Tennis, Volleyball & Basketball

Rock Creek enjoys an active tennis, volleyball, and basketball community using our hilltop and tree-lined courts for exercise, spirited competition, and more in between our popular holiday family-oriented games and activities. Rock Creek Pool and these courts are located on private property and are reserved for RCP-use only.

Using and Reserving the Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are open for RCP-member use. The courts may be reserved by members or for individual and family lessons. Please check the reservation calendar (more information below). Those with a reservation will take priority.

For questions about the courts, contact

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Using the Basketball Court

The basketball court is open for socially distanced use. Members may reserve a regular slot on the courts by contacting The following members currently have slots reserved:

    • Teller: Tuesday-Thursday 7.30am-8.30am
    • Wilkenfeld: Tuesday 4.30pm-5.30pm
    • Blumenthal: Tuesday 5.30pm-7:00pm
    • Ford: Wednesday & Saturday 8:00am-9.30am & Thursday 6.30pm-8:00pm
    • Vogel: Monday & Wednesday 3.30pm-5:00pm
    • McKenna: Sunday 11:00am-Noon

Using the Volleyball Court

Rock Creek has a regulation size sand beach volleyball court. The court is currently closed to group activities.

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